PS5 Review: Happi Basudei

Not so happi after all?

Old-school platformer which you found on an untitled random cartridge, where you win by doing nothing. Well… except evading.

Happi Basudei is a strange game, if you can even call it one. You play as some sort of egg with eyes, no context at all other than to avoid everything in this 2D arcade game. That includes coins and enemies, so you essentially have to avoid it all until the timer runs out to proceed to the next stage.

I liked the idea of it at first, but I was expecting more variety in types of arcade games instead of simply recycling the levels another 8 times before the game just ends. You will get different enemies to avoid towards the end, but it’s so easy that it doesn’t matter. You’ll probably have to replay a level or two as you try and find the balance between moving and not accidentally picking up a coin or jumping on an enemy,  but that’s literally the only challenge.

The only good news is that it’s a very easy Platinum. It took me about 10 minutes to get through and there’s literally no reason to go through it again. The visuals are as basic as you would expect from an arcade-style game, but unlike actual arcade games lacks any charm whatsoever.

The Verdict

Happi Basudei feels like a bad joke. I liked the concept, but it’s poorly executed by simply alternating the same level design over and over for just 9 levels in total. Besides an easy Platinum trophy, there’s nothing worthy to mention.

Score: 4.0

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