PS5 Review: The Guise

Is this game a Master of Dis-Guise?

“The Guise” is a dark-fantasy adventure across a big, interconnected world that filled with an atmosphere of doom and decay. The main character is an ordinary boy turned into a monster. You are about to adapt to the abilities of your new body and try to hold on to what makes you human. From now on, animal agility, monstrous strength and unique abilities will be on your side, but all the living and the dead things will turn against you.

The Guise has a great art style that is unsettling, it reminds me of something from a Tim Burton film. The game itself handles like a Metroidvania style game with backtracking, new abilities and plenty of exploring to do. Enemies are well varied though their attack patterns are a bit predictable overall, though the boss fights are a real delight with some interesting ideas and despite the controls for your character Ogden being a bit frustrating at times, here is a game that does well within the scope of a Metroidvania style adventure.

The story itself is typical dark-fantasy flair and while it won’t win any awards for originality, it does have some good moments and does enough to make you push through to the end. The art style really is the game’s big selling point here with it’s unsettling environments and enemies that aren’t the prettiest to look at. The game’s soundtrack is also superb here with some haunting tunes to keep you busy as you progress through the game.

The Verdict

The Guise may not be the most original of games and it does have its flaws with controls and attack patterns, but it does pull it back with an incredible art style, immersive world and brilliant soundtrack. Despite its flaws it definitely is worthy of being part of the Metroidvania genre.

Score: 7.0