PS4 Review: Ginger – The Tooth Fairy

Should you get your teeth into this platformer?

Help Ginger in her Tooth Fairy quest in this cute, educational and fun platformer for all ages. Cute graphics and catchy music, fun gameplay and hidden secrets will put a smile on your face.

Ginger – The Tooth Fairy is a platformer designed for younger gamers. Having said that, there are nice hidden areas and decent platforming to be found, even if the game is a lot easier than your traditional Mario game. You search levels for teeth which unlock new doors for you to find more teeth in, it’s a simple formula but one that works well.

There are bosses to be found along the way, but they shouldn’t pose you too much of a challenge. The level designs are fairly basic, though some of the teeth are nicely hidden behind walls you can walk through and so on, so it’s a bit more complex than I give it credit for.

Despite this, the game can be finished relatively quickly and there’s no real reason to return once you do. The visuals are cutesy and simplistic with fairly catchy tunes to accompany you on the hunt for teeth.

The Verdict

Ginger – The Tooth Fairy is a decent enough platformer, but it doesn’t do anything to set itself apart from the rest of the crowd. It’s clearly marketed for kids, so don’t expect much of a challenge, but there is some solid platforming to be found regardless.

Score: 6.5