Xbox One Review: Just Cause 3 – Bavarium Sea Heist

We’ve had expansions for air, land…finally sea.

Bavarium Sea Heist is the latest expansion pack for Just Cause 3. The past 2 expansions have been short in content, but given us new means of getting round Medici like the Mech Suit and Wingsuit. Sea Heist gives us exactly the same as the past DLC’s, a new boat that deals some serious damage and a few story missions…but it’s over in no time.
It also has storyboard cutscenes like its DLC predecessors, while the story has it’s moments and concludes the eDEN storyline, it also hints at a possible rift between Nico and Sheldon, perhaps a sneak peak at a future DLC or maybe Just Cause 4? Who knows, but it’d be good to see them square off against each other nonetheless.
The DLC lasts roughly 2-3 hours and is definitely the weakest of the 3 packs, but it does provide yet another decent addition to the base game for those who have yet to complete it. Each pack has definitely made getting around Medici a lot easier and despite the issues with the Air, Land and Sea Expansions, I’m grateful for their addition…even though it would have been nicer to have them included in the main game anyway.

The Verdict

On the whole, Bavarium Sea Heist wraps things up nicely and gives us another great vehicle to our arsenal. It may be over quickly like it’s predecessors, but it’s just as fun and possibly hints at things to come too…

Score: 6.5