PS4 Review: UNO

Well, what do UNO…

Ubisoft have finally brought the classic card game UNO to PS4 and Xbox One. We’ve had console versions of it in the past, like on the 360…but can this version improve upon its predecessors?
If you are unfamiliar with UNO, the game has you covered thanks to the optional tutorial. The basic game is here and you can play with AI, online opponents and friends. There is only one additional pack of cards at the moment based on the Rabbids, but more will come out via DLC. Will it be free or will you have to pay for them is unknown, but my money would be on paid-DLC.

Online matches are quick to connect, I had no problems finding games or connection woes. My only complaint is that there’s no option to stick with a group of players after the game is over, you are kicked from the lobby and have to search again for another match. It’d be better if they gave you the option to stay in the lobby for another round or leave, rather than just booting you from the game completely…but we can only hope they add it in as an option through an update.
The trophies for the game are fairly standard such as win 10 online games (which took me an eternity thanks to ruthless players) as well as changing the colour of the deck a number of times, as well as win a specific number of Wild Card 4 Challenges and so on. The worst trophy offender has to be to score 700 points in a match, mostly because the limit is 500…meaning you have to somehow get near to the 500 mark in a round without exceeding it, but then having to win a final round with a score of over 200+.

Considering a round can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours depending on what settings you have on, as well as having to contend with some brutal AI/online opponents, chances are you’ll only end up getting that score through luck, boosting it online with friends or divine intervention. That niggle aside, the rest of the trophies are a breeze.

The Verdict

UNO is a great addition to consoles and is highly addictive, especially online. I hope they patch it so you can stay in the lobby after a match and question marks remain over wherever card pack DLC will be paid or not, but otherwise this is one for card enthusiasts to get their teeth into.

Score: 7.0