Xbox Series X/S Review: Alchemist: The Potion Monger

Can this potion simulator put a spell on you?

First person Alchemy simulation with RPG elements. Craft, gather ingredients, grind, dry, dilute them to brew cool potions in magical cauldron. Then sell or drink them to boost one of your super power. As an Alchemist you can use them on cheeky NPCs – You decide! Alchemist: The Potion Monger is a mixture of simulation puzzle and RPG game, in which you can leave your lab, venture into the world and change it with your brews! Take the role of apprentice of the alchemical arts, in a world full of anthropomorphic (described or thought of as having a human form or human attributes ~Merriam-Webster) animals! Choose your character race from a wide array of animal types, with their strengths and weaknesses. And begin your alchemical journey!

One look at Alchemist: The Potion Monger and you’ll instantly think of Minecraft with it’s first-person view, but it looks cel-shaded as opposed to the blocky visuals of Mojang’s game. Alchemist lets you scavenge for ingredients to make potions, which you can then use to sell to NPCs, use on yourself or your dog companion, or even use them on other characters with hilarious results.

You can also use them on enemies you will come across. The potions can do all manners of things including making villagers vomit, causing fires or launching your foes into the air and a few other surprises along the way. It’s definitely more of an in-depth game than I first took it for and was pleasantly surprised with what is on offer.

The game handles well and while it took me a while to get used to how to select the right potions to brew, it became easier once I got the hang of it. You can customise your hut to suit your needs, but also to be visually pleasing to you. It’s easy enough to do too, which isn’t always the case when it comes to these types of games.

The visuals are cute, while looking vibrant and maintaining a steady framerate throughout. The audio is also impressive with decent voice-acting and a charming soundtrack to boot. Load times were short and I didn’t come across any glitches throughout my time.

The Verdict

I must admit, Alchemist: The Potion Monger took me by surprise. It may take a while to get used to the mechanics, but underneath it is a charming alchemy simulator RPG that is worthy of your attention.

Score: 8.0