PS4 Review: Mighty Mage

Is this Mage not-so-mighty?

Introducing Mighty Mage, the top-down arena shooter rogue-lite where you play as a cute mage on a journey to become a master magician. Armed with up to 5 elemental spells at a time, you’ll take on hordes of enemies and choose from a variety of upgrades and spells to create unique builds. In Mighty Mage, every wave presents a new challenge that you must overcome by choosing an upgrade or skill before taking on the enemies.

Mighty Mage is a very short game with an easy Platinum trophy that you will earn in less than an hour. You choose an elemental spell and go through 20 waves of enemies before it ends. You will be able to nab perks and other spells that go with your element along the way, but you should have no problem in overcoming the 20 waves with each element.

As long as you keep strafing and make use of the teleports that are scattered in the corners of the map, then you will get that Platinum in no time at all. The spells aren’t all that different from each other and there’s no element that seems to be better than another. The perks can vary from getting more health to expanding the range of your attacks, as well as healing if you are getting low on health.

The combat itself is simple enough, hold down the right trigger to shoot and the right stick to aim where you want your spells to land. Movement is slow but you can get faster if you choose to pick it up as a perk.

Visuals and music are basic but get the job done. Framerate doesn’t drop and the loading times are non-existent. I didn’t come across any glitches throughout my playthrough, which was nice.

The Verdict

Mighty Mage poses little to no challenge for most, clocking in at under an hour for the Platinum trophy. With nothing to come back to after beating it, there’s no reason to return.

Score: 5.0