Nintendo Switch Review: Storyblocks: The King

Should you build these blocks or knock them down?

A young man has a dream, he wants to become the king. To achieve this dream, there are sort of different paths that this young man needs to walk through. Each puzzle solved is a new path completed and a new piece of this journey is revealed. You can choose your own journey by building your own way in this relaxing and beautiful environment. Enjoy this journey and discover the four possible endings of this adventure. Storyblocks is a storytelling puzzle game. Short and peaceful, you can build your own path choosing the next piece of the story. Discover all tales variations and complete the library of journeys by living those drops of adventures in a medieval environment.

Storyblocks is a puzzle game where you place blocks to navigate your character to his destination. You rotate the blocks and place them in the right spot to continue, it isn’t always a simple solution and there are multiple paths to take as there are 4 different endings to accomplish.

The bad news is that the game feels like it was designed with PC in mind, but not consoles. It definitely feels like it wasn’t optimised properly for a controller layout, but for mouse controls instead. Simple elements like rotating the camera and even moving the blocks can be clunky and cumbersome, which is hardly ideal when it comes to a game that requires it throughout.

The game itself won’t take you too long to do, even with the control issues. It would have been a nice and chilled experience if it was properly optimised, but alas it was more stressful than serene. The visuals are simple, but get the job done. The music is pretty good and the framerate seemed stable overall.

The Verdict

Storyblocks: The King is a game that really should have stuck to PC. The controller layout just isn’t adapted for the game like it should be and ultimately makes a chilled puzzler more frustrating than it needs to be.

Score: 5.5