Splinter Cell: Conviction Co-Op Revealed

FAQ and Trailer Inside…

1) Will there be a dedicated server for Splinter PC?

No, there is no dedicated server mode.

2) How long will a match in the MP mode “Face off” last?

The mode is played in a series of rounds. The win criteria is “First to 3 victories”. So a match can go up to 5 rounds at most. Players can set up how long a round lasts, or how many points are needed to determine a win. So essentially, it’s up to the players to decide on whether they want to play a series of short rounds or a series of long rounds.

3) How does the matchmaking work exactly? (PC and Xbox)

The matchmaking system attempts to put two players together that are looking for the same type of match based on the selected Map, Difficulty, Language and Ping. If no good matches are found, the player can create a match and wait for someone to connect. Players can also create private matches. Additionally, in the event where we don’t find an exact match to your preferences, we gradually and automatically start widening the search parameters until we find the closest best match to what you were looking for. There are no match listings in Conviction, you are matched with the best possible person out there.

4) Will there be a lobby? (PC and Xbox)

Yes, of course there’s a game lobby. From the lobby, players can negotiate match settings. You can also change the game mode, map and difficulty without having to exit the lobby. So for example, if you’re playing Co-op Story and decide to change for Face-Off, you can do so without destroying your current session. This keeps you connected with your buddy.

5) How can users prove they won a match? (PC and Xbox)

Besides the in-game statistics for Deniable Ops modes, we’ll also have web-based leaderboards where you can compare your stats against anyone else.

6) Will there be a replay function? (PC and Xbox)

No replays in Conviction.

7) Will there be a spectator mode? (PC and Xbox)