PSVR Review: 18 Floors

Is 18 Floors the ultimate Escape Room?

18 Floors is a PSVR puzzle game that is set out like an Escape Room. While having the number 18 in the title, you’d think you’d be getting 18 different floors, you’d be wrong…instead we currently have two with 2 more to come as free DLC in Q4 2018. So it could be a long time before we hit the 18 total that the game is meant to have, if it ever does reach it.

The puzzles themselves are much more complex than the standard VR puzzler, it can be confusing and frustrating, but in a good way. The controls are the standard PSVR fare with teleporting, grabbing objects and degree turning. The Move controllers seem to struggle a bit with tracking and you can only carry one object at a time or you can’t teleport, something that will add to the frustration. Maybe a backpack could have been an option?

Visually, 18 Floors is a great looking game that pushes the hardware far. The rooms are well detailed and the sound effects are fairly decent too. There’s a real sense of immersion within the game, it’s just a shame that the game’s title is misleading as you can see people buying it and expecting to see 18 floors, only to be fuming that they’ve only got 2 and 2 more to come by Q4.

The Verdict

An impressive Escape Room type game for PSVR is what 18 Floors is all about, it’s just a shame that it’s currently only 2 Floors, which some might feel short-changed for.

Score: 7.5