Xbox One Review: The Council – Episode 3: Ripples

Even more unexpected twists?

The Council has so far, been a combination of conspiracy with a supernatural edge in the form of Louis’ visions. We come close to finding his mother at the end of Episode 2, only to hear someone approaching from behind…

Turns out it was old George Washington just to tell you that the conference was about to begin. Lord Mortimer tells Louis his plan which involves Spain giving up Louisiana to the French, which in turn would hand over to the Americans. This enrages pretty much everyone at the conference, though you have a choice to help Mortimer try and convince those opposed or work against him. What is Mortimer’s end game? There seems to be someone who knows….namely, Louis’ mother.

Eventually we find her knocked out in Emily’s room with both Hillsborrow twins pointing guns at each other, both claiming to be Emily. After some deliberating, it’s up for Louis to pick the right one and the wrong one is gunned down. Did we pick the right one? Hard to say at this point, but I’m sure we’ll find out in a later episode. After meeting your mother in the catacombs, you discover the truth about Mortimer…

Suffice to say, it changes the entire game and depending on your choices, could be very awkward down the line. What follows next is a fetch quest to unlock a hidden door in the catacomb, but you need to get everything right or you could lose an arm, which I found out to my consequence and then the credits rolled.

The episode did suffer from a few technical hiccups like framerate drops, mouths not moving at all during a lot of conversations and even a glitch in the catacomb where I was stuck leaving a conversation with Louis’ mother and had to redo the whole fetch quest, which was infuriating since you can’t actually skip any dialogue. These issues aside, the episode still looks pretty good and the twist definitely helps build up momentum for the series going forward.

The Verdict

Ripples certainly does what the name implies, the twist will change how you think of the series going forward and definitely on the choices you’ve made so far. Roll on Episode 4!

Score: 8.0