PS5 Review: Sokobalien

Should you go to this space farm, far, far away?

Do you have what it takes to build the biggest space farm in the galaxy? Help the alien reach this goal in this classic Sokoban puzzle style game! Push cows, sheep, pigs and chicken so that the correct UFO beams can abduct them. (Also, as a side-quest, collect all the hats you can!)

I’ve come across many puzzles in my years gaming, quite a few of them that look like this but I had no idea there was an actual term for it known as Sokoban. This one has you push far animals across short areas to their rightful UFOs in a number of tricky layouts. It starts out easy enough, but gets progressively harder with new elements coming into play such as switches that make blocks appear.

It’s a pretty simple game otherwise, but for £3.99 you do get 100 levels for your cash, which is a decent amount overall.

The game has a charming art style with decent visuals for a game like this. It also has a cute soundtrack to boot. The framerate is solid, load times are non-existent and I didn’t come across any bugs during my time.

The Verdict

Sokobalien is a simple enough Sokoban puzzle game with charming visuals and a decent soundtrack. It comes with 100 levels which isn’t bad for the price tag. It won’t reinvent the puzzle genre, but will keep puzzle enthusiasts entertained for a while.

Score: 6.0