Xbox Series X/S Review: Metro Simulator 2

Does this game deserve a one way ticket?

Metro Simulator 2 is a unique game featuring recreated Moscow Metro and realistic train controls.

Growing up in Newcastle as a child, I spent a lot of time on the Metro. Sure it’s not the same as the Moscow version by any means, but the name itself always puts me in a good mood, even the horror FPS Metro series does. So when I heard about a Metro Simulator game for consoles, I had to see what it was all about…

The game comes with two modes. Free Mode which allows you to pick your own destinations, schedules and so forth. Scenarios give you pre-determined conditions to fulfil and is more challenging overall. But just how does the game handle?

The opening tutorial is enough to let you know just what a frustrating game this will be. Highlighting what buttons, sticks and gears to shift are a nightmare to select and sometimes, they don’t even work unless you reset the scenario or the entire game. It feels like a game that should have only been on PC as using a mouse seems it would be a lot easier to accurately select the right controls on the Metro train you are driving.

The visuals get the job done, but aren’t anything to write home about. The framerate seems fine while the audio does what you would expect of it. I didn’t come across any visual bugs during my time.

The Verdict

Metro Simulator 2 has quite a bit of depth to it with the scenarios mode, but issues including poor console optimisation, control issues and at times, broken gameplay really put the brakes on this one.

Score: 5.0