PS5 Review: Gladiator’s Arena

Is this game colossal or a colossal waste of time?

Do you dare to face the greatness of the Gladiator’s Arena? We present to you the ultimate action and strategy game: Gladiator’s Arena! Get ready to immerse yourself in an epic world, where you will take on the role of a gladiator warrior destined to defeat wild beasts and ruthless warriors in the majestic Colosseum. Epic challenges await: In Gladiator’s Arena, you will be tested in battles of legendary proportions. Confront fierce beasts and skilled enemies as you fight for your place as the greatest gladiator of all time.

Gladiator’s Arena is a top-down arena roguelike, but this variant auto-attacks instead of letting you manually do it. Instead your objective is to get near to enemies and dodge, which is a bit odd, but I got used to it quickly enough. The rest of the game handles like you would expect as you survive waves, pick up new abilities and perks to use and so on.

The game costs under £3.99 and feels like the right price for what’s on offer here. It’s no different to other arena roguelikes other than the auto-attacking. That alone isn’t enough to separate it from the pack, so it’s only recommended if are fan of the genre and have played every other one out there.

The visuals are very basic, but do have an element of charm to them. The music is good enough and the framerate was solid throughout.

The Verdict

Gladiator’s Arena is a very basic arena roguelike, but gives you the joy of not actually have to do any fighting, only dodging. It’s not enough to set it apart from the rest of its peers, but can be fun in small doses.

Score: 5.5