PS4 Review: The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 3: What We Deserve

Michonne’s mini-series draws to a close, but does it end on a high?

We last left Michonne in a bit of a pickle. Norma’s brother left you with a choice to kill him and face Norma’s wrath or spare him and allow him to do maybe worse things than her. I killed him and early on in the episode, he turned into a Walker. You spend a while of the episode preparing for Norma and the group of the now destroyed Monroe community to turn up. Norma has the upper hand as she has captured Michonne’s crewmates from Episode 1.
You can only imagine Norma’s retribution when you know her brother is dead, luckily she doesn’t know that and the group use that to her advantage, especially as he is now a Walker. A bag over the head and restraints over his hands make him a decent distraction during the stand-off between your group and Norma’s…the only issue is that the Monroe community is riled up after Michonne and her group burned it down in their escape at the beginning of Episode 2 and want them all dead.

The house acts as a good stand-off and with everyone armed and ready for all hell to break loose, all they do is wait for the order to attack from Michonne. What results is a bloody shoot-out, I don’t know if it can be avoided, but it does provide a brilliant final conflict for the series. Michonne’s own hallucinations return once more with her kids tormenting her throughout and at one point you have to decide to stay with them as the house burns down, or to let them go and escape.
The series is set during the comics and the period where Michonne leaves Rick’s group, she’s encouraged to return to them at the end of the episode…which I can imagine is what happens now if that’s the case. On the whole, the mini-series has been impressive for sure…just not as groundbreaking as the original series. I’m hoping that Season 3 of Telltale’s Walking Dead series will take the series in a new direction and is full of surprises.

The Verdict

Episode 3 serves as a great end to a great mini-series. It brings closure to the story and gets the community hyped for Season 3 at the same time. It was risky giving Michonne her own story, but Telltale’s gamble has paid off and I can’t wait to see where the series goes next.

Score: 9.0