PS4/Xbox One Review: Coffin Dodgers

Should you dodge this kart racer?

Coffin Dodgers is a neat idea. Old people racing in mobility scooters against each other and the Grim Reaper to try and stay alive. It clearly takes inspiration from the likes of Mario Kart with it’s design and pick-up weapons, but also games like Road Rage as you can hit your rivals with your cane, (or scythe if you play as Grim) but is there more to it than that?
Sadly, no. The game has a career mode that you can complete in about an hour or so, after that you unlock the Grim Reaper as a playable character and can go through the career again with him to get an achievement and alternate ending where he takes over the village and plots to revive famous faces from history to race against, hinting at possible future DLC…you also can upgrade your scooter by spending coins earned in races.

There is no online mode of any kind, but there is split-screen. Besides that there’s nothing really left to do, the AI doesn’t really pose much threat in terms of difficulty and I managed to get every achievement and trophy (as I played both versions) in just a few hours. The races themselves are nicely designed, even if it’s clear that Milky Tea Studios didn’t have a huge budget for the game’s visuals. They’ve done pretty well, but it’s definitely lacking in content.
The game handles pretty well and is easy to get to grips with, but like I said the AI is a walkover and the whole experience is done and dusted in no time. There is a mode where you have to race around an open world collecting random objects against the clock, but there’s only really a reason to go through it once and that’s only for an achievement/trophy. In terms of performance, there is no differences between the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

The Verdict

Coffin Dodgers is a nice little racer, but little it really is. It could have benefited from more courses and a vaster range of racers, there’s no distinction between the scooters other than the visual design you make for your own. The weapons are a mixed bag and overall the game doesn’t add anything new to the genre, but let’s hope it gets some free DLC to add some extra replay value.

Score: 6.0