PS4 Review: Life Goes On: Done To Death

He has ceased to be, he is no more…but he can be helpful…

Life Goes On: Done To Death is a puzzle game where you play as a knight. You try and jump over a gap filled with spikes, only to fall in and die. What happens next? You spawn as another knight and use the corpse of the dead knight to cross the gap, that’s the main hook of the game. Use the dead to reach the end goal in each level.
Each level has set times and par deaths to reach, but these are optional. Every level has a different strategy to overcome, these can involve impaling your knights on rotating spikes and using them to climb up a cliff and everything in between. These puzzles will definitely have you scratching your head, especially when you are trying to meet those par targets. Of course, if you get to stuck you’ll likely find the solutions online or on YouTube.

Each knight isn’t killed in vain though, each one has their own unique name that is added to a list of the dead whilst playing. Visually, it’s simplistic in its design…but it matches the dark humour of the game. It definitely screams influences from the likes of Monty Python, while maintaining it’s own identity.
As a downloadable game, Life Goes On has quite a bit of content for you to tackle. It’s not the longest game out there, but it does have a decent lifespan and the replay value is pretty good too.

The Verdict

Life Goes On: Done To Death is a great game, full of ingenious but twisted puzzles. The whole idea is just nuts, but it does work and it works well. It’s hard not to recommend.

Score: 8.5