PS4 Review: Switch Galaxy Ultra

To infinity and…

Switch Galaxy Ultra is a racer for Vita and PS4, it obviously borrows from Wipeout in its design but can it deliver the fast-paced experience that we’ve come to expect?
I only played the PS4 version, but it’s clear it was meant for handhelds with its visuals that don’t push the PS4 much, but it does maintain a solid framerate throughout and it’s pretty, but basic. It handles well; you essentially switch from multiple tracks with a tap of the shoulder buttons or a flick of the control stick, avoiding barriers from slowing you down and so forth. The good news is that you can’t die in a race no matter what you do; the bad news is that to proceed in the story mode you’ll need to collect as many orbs as possible towards the end of the race and avoid crashing to advance.

It becomes a grind as each race has 10 orbs to collect in a time vortex area that looks ripped straight from Doctor Who, but it can be 5 minutes before you even get there. If you are lucky to gain all 10 in the vortex, keeping a hold of them after is challenging and frustrating. It’d be easier if there wasn’t a damn trophy for never upgrading your ship, but I suppose that’s optional to everyone.
The barriers you face are a mixture of colours and you can pass through if you have collected enough orbs of that particular colour, it can become fast-paced switching between the lanes to make sure you hit the right barrier and it can be intense with the other vehicles that appear on the tracks, as well as the spaceships that try to shoot you across to different tracks and force you to crash. If there’s one problem I have with the game, it’s good in short bursts but forcing you to collect orbs to proceed is a real pain.

There is a deep story within the game told via comic book extracts, which is surprising since there’s little story-telling during the actual races. The artwork is impressive and the story isn’t too bad either, it’s not going to set the world on fire…but it does enough to get you through to the next set of levels. Multiplayer is hit and miss, I didn’t come across many players online during my time with the game…but I hope it picks up after a while, but it didn’t have any major issues when connected.

The Verdict

Switch Galaxy Ultra is a mixed bag, it handles well and can be fun…but it can also be a tedious grind to carry on the single player. It has its moments though and it’s worth a look at if you’re a Wipeout fan looking for their next fill.