PS4 Review: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – Episode 2: Contemplation

Can Barry save Moira?

At the end of the first episode of Revelations 2, we discovered that Natalia had come across Claire and Moira, but considering the gap between their opening story and Barry’s is 6 months you’d assume she was dead, as does Natalia…but decides to take Barry to the location they originally met. Before continuing with that however, we dive back into Claire and Moira’s story as they try and figure out what to do next.
They do eventually come across Natalia, but before that you come across other Terra Save members and try to get off the island by fixing a helicopter. Unfortunately that doesn’t plan out as well as you’d hope, as well as more revelations about the new virus that seems to activate upon fear and the colour switches on their bracelets to indicate how close they are to turning. There are also some surprises to be found, including a familiar sounding name to the series.

Barry’s chapter is more memorable, but it introduces some invisible enemies that only Natalia can see and can kill instantly if they get too close. As with the first episode, both chapters end up going over the same areas but in a different order due to the timeframe. It’s nice to see them using the areas more than once, some might call it lazy but I personally welcome seeing the story from 2 different perspectives. Barry’s final moments of the episode are brilliantly creepy and it leads up perfectly for the third episode.
Gameplay remains untouched, the puzzles are a little more taxing…but not near the scale of the original Resident Evil. There are a few new enemy types that will frustrate, while most are fairly easy to overcome with the right equipment. Of course, upgrades are available as well as other modes like Raid and variations of the campaign like Invisible Enemy mode and Countdown Mode.

Visually, Episode 2’s locations are a lot more varied than that of the first and are definitely more impressive. The cutscenes are handled well, although the voice-acting is the same standard we’ve come to expect, although luckily this episode doesn’t have any “Claire Sandwich” lines in it.

The Verdict
Episode 2 continues the story well while maintaining a high quality of gameplay, it’s hard to tell if the pay off will be worth it when it’s all done, but so far so good.