Best TV show and film remakes in the games industry



Making the transition from the television and movie screens to the gaming industry has become a common occurrence for popular franchises that look for another avenue in which to promote their brand. Collaborating with game developers provides fans of successful TV and film series with a unique way of exploring their favouritism for certain characters and storylines within a virtual world which can help to enhance their gaming experience via console, PC or other means. With so many avenues to choose from in the technological era of the 21st Century, there is considerable scope for upcoming box office hits and breakthrough television shows to be remade into a downloadable gaming app, console title or even a slot machine. Mr Smith Casino is one place where gamers can see the latter and play on the likes of Iron Man and South Park-themed slots, but there are many other examples of successful remakes that have made an impact in the gaming industry



The unique beauty of remaking television shows and films into games is the ultimate freedom in which game developers are able to find a medium between an enjoyable gaming experience and perfectly depicting the ambience of the remake through the right choice of genre. Telltale Games have made a wonderful job of remaking The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones into a gripping point-and-click adventure that not only allow gamers to get close to each character, but also make choices along the way that shape how the storyline progresses. Each choice creates a different relationship between people you meet along the way in terms of how they react to you during dialogue, and can also have an effect on the plot further down the line. Family Guy: Battle of the Multiverse and South Park: The Stick of Truth are further examples of how game developers are able to take numerous aspects from a popular television show and re-create them on a console title to considerable acclaim.


Creating remakes for PC format arguably provides game developers with greater scope considering the latest specifications in terms of performance and graphics surpasses any other technological device. Who Wants to be a Millionaire certainly stands out as a television show which has been excellently remade for console and PC, with the drama of answering each question and using lifelines to hopefully win the jackpot beautifully recreated. Although film remakes have been on the sporadic side in recent years, gamers could still turn to the point-and-click Blade Runner title or Alien versus Predator’s stealth shooter to see how box office hits have been recreated in the virtual world.


Although Kim Kardashian: Hollywood may suggest a change in direction for the future of gaming apps based on remakes of television shows or films, numerous game shows have lent themselves towards the ideal app for quick, instant entertainment on a mobile phone or tablet. From Wheel of Fortune and Who Wants to be a Millionaire to The Price is Right and Family Feud, gamers are able to enjoy and play successful television game shows through interactive controls which allow users to enter letters or numbers, or touch screen on the right answer in order to progress.



Due to the considerable popularity of successful television shows and films, it was always a logical step for gambling companies to realise the potential benefits of integrating them onto their website via suitable remakes. Slot games cater perfectly for customisation of the interface and gameplay features, with the inclusion of popular television character and film actors increasing the attraction for customers to play a few games of slots. There are no end of television shows and films that have been remade into slot games, with the options ranging from Dark Knight Rises and Jurassic Park to Game of Thrones and Jeopardy.