PS4 Review: Resident Evil 7 – Banned Footage Vol.2 DLC

What awaits in Volume 2?

Banned Footage Vol.1 was a brief, but welcome addition to the already amazing Resident Evil 7. The second volume is here and here’s what it’s about…

The first mode is a game called 21 where you are still playing as poor Clancy, who has one hand strapped down to some kind of mechanical finger trap along with another poor victim who has a bag over his head. The game is simple…this is blackjack but a twisted version that will make you lose fingers if you lose a round, lose all 5 and you bleed out. You’ll get Trump cards that can increase your bet, protect your fingers, draw certain cards if they are still in the deck and so on.

It’s a brilliant game that really gets you to think, while other times you’ll either have to win to avoid electrocution or having a spiked saw-blade moving towards your head. It’s messed up and it’s great fun, while the harder variants of the game have you try and beat 5 and then 10 opponents in a row without dying…which is no easy task, especially considering the Trump cards that your opponents will use. They can be very sneaky indeed…

Daughters is the second mode and puts you in the role of Zoe Baker who is home with the family before they all go “Texas Chainsaw” on everyone. You’ll have to sneak around the house to avoid detection from Jack and Marguerite who are hunting you and there are 2 endings to the story. It’s creepy, but brilliant.

Finally, we have Jack’s 55th Birthday. It’s essentially an arcade-style mode where you run through the house, gathering food and shooting Molded to feed Jack. You’re against the clock, while the Molded wear daft things like hats. It sadly doesn’t support PSVR, but it’s good fun and eases the tension of the creepy house.

The Verdict

Banned Footage Vol.2 is in my eyes, even better than Volume 1. 21 is great and twisted, but smart. Daughters makes you play a whole different way and shows the story from a different view, even if it’s on the short side…it’s still great. Jack’s 55th Birthday is silly but addictive and the overall package is a great addition. Roll on whatever DLC Capcom has planned next!

Score: 8.5