PS4 Review: Rainbow Moon

Should you dive into Rainbow Moon again?

Rainbow Moon has had PS3 and a Vita version, but now it’s out on PS4 as well. Essentially the same game across all 3 platforms, is there a reason to get the PS4 version if you already have any of the others?
Besides cross-play saves, there’s little to no reason to get this if you already own a different version. Visually it’s a small improvement, but it’s not really that noticeable…but despite all that, if this is your first time to the world of Rainbow Moon…I would definitely give it a good go. It may be a little slim story-wise, but it does have great classic RPG elements, some of which are outdated by today’s standards of grinding…but it’s still a decent outing.

Battles are turn-based, as are your moves across the battlefield. Think of something like FF Tactics or Fire Emblem and you’ll have an idea of how combat works here. Exploring is a big part of things here and as in classic RPG’s you will have to look under every nook and cranny to find specific items, in fact there are more than 20 dungeons, a 40+ hour story and gameplay that take you well over 100 hours.
It would have been nice to have some extra content in this re-re-release of Rainbow Moon, an extra dungeon, area or even an extra character or character class would have been something to make it stand out above the other versions. Instead it’s more or less a straight port, which is disappointing…but then again, the team is busy working on the sequel “Rainbow Skies” so their time is probably taken all up with that.

The Verdict

Satisfying combat, classic RPG exploring and grinding make a good outing for Rainbow Moon. It is however, the third release of this same game with no added features. If you’ve not played it before then it’s well worth diving into, but there’s no reason to if you have a different version.

Score: 7.0