3DS Review: Goosebumps: The Game

Gamers Beware…but what kind of scare awaits?

As a kid, I was always reading Goosebumps books and watching the TV show. I plan on seeing the recently released film at some point, but one thing that hasn’t been tackled is a decent game outing for the series. Could the time have finally arrived?
I’m reviewing the 3DS version, but there are console versions available too. The game doesn’t follow the film, but it’s clearly been released to coincide with it. Essentially it’s a traditional point-and-click adventure, with a story that follows characters/creatures from the books who have taken over. Even your house is completely transformed and full of ghosts, alternate dimensions and a creepy granny who tries to poison you.

Death can come in a number of ways in Goosebumps, you will have to keep your wits about you or you will feel the chilling end come your way. Luckily, the game will take you back to just before that…so don’t feel too bad, I personally died almost immediately after heading into the woods to be strangled by a plant-like monster.
One thing you will have to do is constantly keep searching and picking up items to use in the puzzles that come your way. The problem with this is that some objects are very small and difficult to see, so it’s easy to overlook an item that you will need to proceed. I’m sure it’s probably easier to see in the console versions, but on the 3DS it’s not detailed enough to see clearly enough. Having said that, I have seen footage of the console versions and there isn’t a huge graphical difference between them and the 3DS version.

Puzzles are basic in design, providing you have the items required. Some can be on the frustrating side, but overall it’s not that bad…it just doesn’t set the world alight. It is however good that they have incorporated a ton of Goosebumps creatures into the story, while making it separate from the film. The music is hit and miss between creepy and not-so-creepy, while the sound effects/voices also fall into that category.

The Verdict

Goosebumps: The Game isn’t the dreaded movie tie-in that you would expect. But having said that, it’s not the best point-and-click game out there…it would have been better to have a way of highlighting what objects can be picked up in each area instead of having to squint to see most of them. It’s good they have their own story though instead of merely just following the film’s plot, I just wish the puzzles had a bit more thought put into them, most are far too simple and the rest are just frustrating. Overall, a good game that could have been great.

Score: 6.0