PS4 Review: Minecraft Story Mode Season 2: Episode 2 – Giant Consequences

Can Jesse defeat the Admin?

Episode 1 of the second season of Minecraft Story Mode left us on a cliffhanger with the Admin (A giant Obsidian-made statue who created the world) hovering over Beacontown after chasing Jesse and his friends from the Sea Temple. It doesn’t look good…

The Admin quickly breaks a hole in the town’s walls, also changing the time to night-time so they’ll be under attack from creepers and the like. Luckily, Jesse spots a weak spot at the back of the Admin’s head and hits it with the Gauntlet he received in Episode 1…reducing the Admin to nothing and leaving them with a clock device that changes the time and weather.

It isn’t long after however, that the Admin is far from defeated…he was merely using that statue and returns as a snowman. It seems for him, putting Jesse through hell is his idea of fun and the only point of existing is winning. He recaptures the clock device and changes the season to Winter with a cheeky Game of Thrones nod with the trophy “Winter is Coming”. The Admin then tells Jesse and company that to get the clock back, they have to go to his Ice Palace and get it…so the crew leaves soon after on their quest to save Beacontown.

It isn’t long on your journey where you bump into the leader of Champion City who Jesse crossed paths with in Episode 1. She joins the group with only self-interest and wanting to join the Admin’s plans, though she is totally out of her depth and immediately falls into a trap that later leaves her in a block of ice.

After surviving to reach the clock and destroying it, a twist comes that I didn’t see coming. It then leads to a surprise ending before the credits roll. Suffice to say, it’s not looking good for Jesse…

The Verdict

Overall, this episode is much faster paced and the Admin is becoming a worthy adversary for Jesse. He’s clearly got bored of creating and just wants to put his creations through torture games for fun, while also looking for a partner to join him. Let’s hope Jesse escapes the Admin’s latest plan for him in Episode 3…

Score: 8.5