PS4 Review: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Episode 3: More Than a Feeling

Can Star-Lord find his mother?

After a second episode that showed us a more vulnerable side to Rocket and bringing Nebula onto the ship, Star-Lord and Gamora entered another temple to try and unlock the secrets of the Eternity Forge before leaving us hanging…so what awaited them?

We first get a flashback of Peter as a kid in a music store, where he gets the owner to copy a mix-tape for his mum. He’s then approached by the bully from Episode 2 who starts mouthing off about his dying mum and despite her request in Episode 2 to use your words and not your fists, I couldn’t let it stand and beat the crap out of the kid before Peter’s mum walks in and breaks it up. We then get a flashback of a mission that Nebula and Gamora went on when they were with Thanos…

It ends with Gamora taking the kill that Nebula was meant to get and Nebula stabbing Gamora through the chest in an attempt to kill her…and I thought my family had issues…before both she and Jesse wake up from their trances and head to a church blasting out the legendary ELO song “Livin’ Thing”. It’s the same church that Peter went to for his mum’s funeral, he opens the casket and then the fantasy ends…opening up a casket in the temple, revealing not Peter’s mum but a female being with antenna on her head called Mantis who claims that Peter is the “Celestial One” and must decide the fate of the Eternity Forge by either powering it up to its full potential or destroying it.

After clearing the air with the crew’s neuroses, even having another flashback with Nebula showing that Thanos ordered Nebula to kill Gamora or he’d do it himself and make her suffer, so she faked it so she’d survive. Mantis directs the crew to another temple to make the ultimate choice, which is entirely up to you…i personally chose to power up the Forge, which resulted in a not-so-good outcome for us…but the other outcome doesn’t sound too good either. Either way, the choice will dramatically change which way the story will go…and with 2 episodes to go, it’ll be interesting to see just what impact your choice will make.

The Verdict

It’s a short episode to be sure, but it does pack in quite a lot and gives us an insight into the complex relationship between Gamora and Nebula while getting you to make a difficult decision that will shape the rest of the season. Episode 3 is a blast and makes the wait for Episode 4 all the harder…

Score: 8.5