PlayStation VR Review: Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Prepare for the scariest ride of your life…

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a spin-off of the original game that still creeps me out. Rush of Blood is an on-rails shooter, but courtesy of the PlayStation VR headset and the standard creepy nature of the original, this combination is one hell of a ride…
The game starts out quite mild as it trains you to shoot cardboard cut-out targets in what looks like a roller-coaster ride around a carnival park, only it suddenly gets worse as you end up visiting all kinds of scary places like an insane asylum and abattoir with pigs getting sliced up and being covered in blood. You’ll notice a lot of nods to the original game, including the masked psycho and ghosts.etc

You can either use the Move or DualShock controllers to aim and shoot as you sit in your roller-coaster seat. The game is divided up into levels and you earn a high score throughout, as well as try and locate hidden items to shoot. You can also earn a X multiplier as you go, as well as your pick of weapons that includes pistols, revolvers, shotguns or machine pistols and you can even mix it up so you have two different weapons at any one time…depending on if you manage to shoot the weapon crates when you see them.
As with Until Dawn, Rush of Blood has tons of jump-scares…only this time it feels so more intense thanks to the VR. If you ever remember being scared of something like the ghost train ride as a kid, this will bring that same level of fear rushing back to you. It’s a superb game, but I do have a sense of dread every time I play.

You also have to move your head out of the way of obstacles like buzzsaws, as well as shoot wooden barriers and so on. The game itself looks stunning and runs at a solid framerate, it may cause some motion sickness due to the roller-coaster, but it depends entirely on how your body reacts to theme park rides, you get more or less the same sensation.

The Verdict

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is terrifying, but great fun. The PSVR makes it the most intense ride of your life, let’s just hope you don’t die of heart failure while playing.

Score: 8.5