PlayStation VR Review: Tumble VR

Let’s get Ready to Tumble!

Tumble VR is a basic game of stacking objects like blocks on top of each other to make a tower, that’s more or less what’s on offer here. You can use the Move or DualShock controllers to play and despite some irregularities with the motion controls, it does feel a lot more natural to place blocks with it…especially in the VR environment, which itself is fantastic and incredibly realistic with a futuristic look to it.
The game originally came out on PS3, so this is a follow-up of sorts…but besides just adding in VR, they’ve also added in puzzles to solve and a versus mode. It’s a neat little game, but there’s not a mass amount of variety to be found. You’ll simply be stacking blocks to reach certain heights in order to gain either bronze, silver or gold medals and that’s pretty much it. However, it is nice to have a GLaDOS style AI to tell you what you need to do.
It’s also nice to have a decent amount of levels to complete, which with a low-price point adds another reason to possibly pick this up. I did find it a little odd that SuperMassive Games of Until Dawn-fame were responsible for Tumble VR, it’s something I didn’t expect from them. Sadly, no Until Dawn Easter Eggs to be found…or is there? Let me know if you spot any…

The Verdict

Tumble VR is a small but challenging game, it has a nice balance to it. It may not be the most varied or exciting example of VR, but it is rewarding nonetheless. The motion controls are a mixed bag, but well worth a shot.

Score: 7.5