PlayStation VR Review: Hustle Kings VR

VR comes to Hustle Kings…

I didn’t play Hustle Kings on PS4 when it came out last year…it was always one of those games that I wanted to pick up, but just didn’t get around to. I’m a big pool fan, I’ve spent countless hours playing the game in pubs over the years and while I can’t claim to be the best at it, I’ve always enjoyed a good game. I’ve played a number of pool simulations too, some that are great and some that are not so great…but where does Hustle Kings VR fit in?
From what I can gather, this is the exact same game that was released last year…but with added VR and Move support. The game does look impressive in VR, I actually felt like I was playing a real game of pool and for the first time ever, you can get pretty damn close to the balls without compromise. There’s a ton of modes here and online support, but the game itself does feel a bit on the easy side at times…pulling off fancy shots isn’t as much of a challenge as on other pool games.
That being said, the AI can be a bit relentless. I played one game where I missed one shot, then the AI potted 6 balls and then after I missed another, they potted the black. Game Over. Quickest game ever…and the AI was on Easy. Easy? Pool games have always had a tendency for a ridiculous AI and sadly, Hustle Kings VR is no different.

Visually, it’s a nice looking game and like I said…the VR does make you feel like you’re standing over an actual pool table. The menus are easy enough to navigate and I didn’t see any drops in framerate during my time with the game.

The Verdict

Hustle Kings VR may be the same game as last year but with added VR support, but that doesn’t mean it’s not different because of it. Having spent years playing pool games without it, it’s almost impossible for me to go back to them now, simply because of Hustle Kings VR. It’s rough around the edges and has crazy AI, but it’s perhaps the closest feeling of playing pool without actually leaving the room.

Score: 7.5