PlayStation VR Review: Super Stardust Ultra VR

Another PS4 great gets the VR treatment…

Super Stardust Ultra VR is essentially the original game with VR slapped on. But is that a bad thing?
Well, sort of. The standard game is here but the VR doesn’t really add anything to the experience, it’s the VR-mode Invasion Mode that really shows off the PSVR with a Battlezone-like shooter, except it’s against waves of enemies instead of completing missions with people online, it’s nowhere near as in-depth as Battlezone…but it does add a new element to the original game, even if it doesn’t really have a lot in common with it.

Invasion Mode does look neat though and as with other VR games, feels immersive. It does however feel like a kick in the teeth for those who already have the original game. Surely a DLC add-on would have served better than to completely re-release the game with VR. What is odd though is that this version is actually cheaper than the original on the PS Store. Not quite sure why that is.
The modes from last year’s game do look great while playing it on VR, but it does feel pretty unnecessary and like I said, doesn’t really add anything to the experience. Still, the game is pretty cheap so it’s not exactly going to break the bank.

The Verdict

If you missed the original game and have picked up PSVR then Super Stardust Ultra VR may just be right for you. It does however, only contain one true VR mode that doesn’t feel related to the original. The rest is just last year’s game viewing it through the VR headset. It’s not the most immersive of the launch titles, but its still fun and perhaps worth a go.

Score: 6.5