PlayStation VR Review: Pixel Gear

Pixel Perfect?

Pixel Gear is the latest PSVR shooter that is set up like a shooting gallery. The game is comprised of 3 levels where you shoot waves of enemies coming at you, with a boss at the end. The world and enemies are 3D, but pixelated in their appearance. Think of it as a shooting gallery that looks like Minecraft and you’ll get the idea.
You can use the Move and DualShock controllers, but the Move is the most effective and accurate way of playing. Shooting feels satisfying, plus you can upgrade your weapons between waves. It’s a nice game that’s good to play in short bursts, but the issue is that the 3 levels aren’t all that different from each other…the big exception being the bosses, but even they are defeated in pretty much the same way.
Also, only having 3 levels isn’t a great deal for the price tag. There’s not a lot of variety or content, which is a shame since the game shows promise and potential. It’d be nice if they added more through updates or DLC, I hope they do because I wanted so much more from what was on offer.

The game itself runs smoothly and looks pretty good, it has a decent framerate and I didn’t come across any issues or any moments of motion-sickness. The VR works well and this is a good example of the type of games that work best with the headset, it’s just a shame that it’s lacking in content.

The Verdict

Pixel Gear is a good shooter and a decent example of one for PSVR. Its let down by a lack of variety and content, which might make you think twice about picking it up for the price.

Score: 6.0