PS4 Review: Batman: Return to Arkham

Is it worth a return trip to Arkham?

Return to Arkham contains both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, 2 of the best Batman games ever made…well actually, the best superhero games ever made. Origins didn’t make the cut either because WB didn’t think it was as good or because the collection only contains games by Rocksteady. Either way, let’s move on…
Both games are masterpieces in their own right, so it’s good to see them on the current systems. The Dark Knight’s 1080p remaster doesn’t come without compromise however, it does retain the same framerate as it’s original versions…which does drop during combat and the odd section. It’s a shame, but considering the remaster was on “indefinite hold” just a few months back, it doesn’t come as a complete surprise, but it’s a shame nonetheless. I’m hoping that WB/Virtuos release a patch in the future, but for now we’ll have to make do.

Return to Arkham has both games, but also contains all DLC as well and the same trophies to earn. Sadly, this means earning the Arkham City challenge medals for Catwoman…which I remember being a complete pain in the…anyway, it’s bound to keep you busy. Despite the framerate issues, both games do look incredible in 1080p and a definite improvement over the original versions. I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually do a bundle with all 3 Rocksteady games together, or perhaps they’ll remaster Origins/Blackgate separately? In this era of remakes and remasters, you have to be prepared for anything.
Virtuos have done a good job in replicating Batman’s greatest games for the modern systems, if it wasn’t for the performance issues you’d say Rocksteady was behind the remakes. The downside is that there is sadly, no new content. I would have loved for them some extra DLC, like a “Deleted Scene” or something. Or how about making the end of Arkham Knight a VR-add on? Possibilities for you, WB.

The Verdict

Batman: Return to Arkham is a good collection of the best Batman games ever. Sadly, the performance issues hold it back from perfection and there’s no new DLC, so it’s hard to recommend for those who already have the original games. But if you missed out first time round, then this is the best way to experience the Arkham games. Let’s just hope a patch comes out to improve the inconsistent framerate.

Score: 8.0