PlayStation VR Review: Harmonix Music VR

Who said games isn’t an art form?

Harmonix Music VR is one weird VR game. It contains 4 modes, one where you just chill on a beach…using your head to focus on specific areas to trigger visualisations that are just mind-blowingly trippy. You can select a number of songs that are included to play during these modes or you can import your own music which is much better.
The Easel is a mode where you play music and essentially paint in a 3D space. You get a good number of brushes and objects to place, as well as ones that play on a loop. It’s crazy but good fun and you can make some pretty amazing looking pieces of art.

The Dance is perhaps the craziest of the modes. You start out at what looks like a school dance with your selected music playing, with some of the most randomly designed characters who you can make dance with the Move controllers. Randomly eating cake teleports you to the DJ Booth where you can use a air-horn, fire a party cannon of silly and crazy items and scratch the record that makes the dancers freeze until you stop.
Eating the cake once more makes you a giant, looking down on the dance…which now looks like a diorama. You can also pick up the dancers and either drop them into a basketball hoop or throw them into the cold meaningless void of randomness above you.

The final mode is simply called The Trip and is described as viewing a song from inside a kaleidoscope. I would personally describe it as what I assume an acid trip would probably look like, with all numbers of craziness going on…all you can do is sit back and watch, although it may be nauseating for some.

The Verdict

Overall, Harmonix Music VR is one of the strangest games I’ve played in a long time…but it does show off VR in a good way, even if it may be sick-inducing for some players. It’s good for the price too and offers gamers a new way of creating art and chilling to some music in the trippiest way possible.

Score: 8.0