PlayStation VR Review: PlayStation VR Worlds

Sony’s flagship VR game is here, but is it enough to entice us to pick up PSVR?

PlayStation VR Worlds is one of the launch games for the PSVR. It contains 5 separate games that are all different from each other and gives a good look at what the VR headset is capable of. But does it offer enough to make it worth picking up a headset?
You can play the games in any order, but I began with Ocean Descent which is essentially a trip to the bottom of the sea in a metal cage…you get to look and see all the natural wildlife, coral, jellyfish and in one mode…a shark that will rip your cage to bits as your team tries frantically to raise you back up. It’s a harrowing experience in VR as the shark gets right in your face and just looking down through the cage you get a descending feeling that is all to real.

VR Luge is a mode where you tilt your head as you travel through roads with you laying down on a skateboard, weaving past incoming cars and obstacles. It’s fast and crazy, but fun and it has that classic arcade feel to it as you try and reach the end before time runs out.

The London Heist lets you either pick the Move or DualShock controllers to simulate your hands as you and your cockney gangster crew attempt to steal a diamond. You can pick up and use guns in a few shootouts, but you can also interact with other random things like letting you light and smoke cigars, as well as messing with a car stereo and even using the Move controllers to manually load a clip into your gun…which is trickier than it seems. Once I accidentally picked up a nearby drink can instead of the clip, so it’s far from perfect and the cutscenes are a bit on the long side…but the overall game itself is short.
Danger Ball is essentially 3D Pong as you move your head to block the incoming ball to bounce it back at your opponent. The AI can be brutal and even have abilities such as being small, but fast or bigger and slower or even one where you play against 2 at once. It’s a good laugh, but tough.

The final game is Scavengers Odyssey where you are in a mech suit in space. You turn your head to aim while you move and shoot with the DualShock, you also leap across asteroids and spaceships…all of which can become disorientating thanks to gravity. It’s good fun and there’s some great examples of VR here and it has a decent story too. All in all, another good addition.

Each game has a number of challenges to complete, these can vary from viewing all endings in The London Heist to completing Time Attack in VR Luge and so on. It’s going to take a while to get the Platinum on this one, if it’s even possible…

The VR works incredibly well with each of the games and is a testament to just how groundbreaking the headset is. They’ve done a great job in showing off the possibilities of VR and all of the games are not only fun, but memorable. Each game is also stunning visually as well, showing off what both VR and PS4 can pull off.

The Verdict

PlayStation VR Worlds is a great showcase of what the VR headset can do. Each of the 5 games are brilliant and memorable in their own way, while showing off the potential of the VR. Is it worth picking up PSVR just for this? I’d say it’s hard to invest in it just for one game, but this is 5-in-1 and worthy of your cash.

Score: 8.5