PC Hardware Review: Sony SRS-DB500 Speakers

These speakers rock, but are they value for money?

This has to be my first hardware review since I tested out the Sennheiser headset a few years ago. The Sony SRS-DB500 is a 2.1 surround system for the PC and after extensive testing through my every day PC usage like listening to music, playing games and watching films…I can tell you the truth about them.

First of all, before I give you my opinion…let’s look at the specs:

• Satellite : 75W+75W, 65mm (250Hz-20KHz)
• Subwoofer : 150W, 160mm (50Hz-250KHz)

• AC Power : AC power adaptor
• Output Power : 300W Total sytem power

• Frequency Response : Satellite speakers: 250Hz – 20kHz / Sub-woofer: 50Hz – 250kHz
• Impedance : Satellite speakers: 4 ohms / Sub-woofer: 2 ohms
• Sensitivity (db) : Satellite speakers: 8o dB/W/m / Sub-woofer: 84 dB/W/m

Weights and Measurements
• Dimensions (Approx.) : Satellite speakers: 94x196x137 mm / Sub-woofer: 221x402x441 mm
• Weight (Approx.) : Satellite speakers: 700g / Sub-woofer: 8.5 kg

• Remote Control Functions : Yes

• Function : Bass control, treble control, Power ON/OFF, Volume control, Input, Magnetically shielded and Built-in AC transformer

General Specifications
• Power Handling Capacity : Total Power Output: 300W – Satellite speakers: 75W + 75W / Sub-woofer: 150W

• Cord : AC power cable (2m), Connection cable (1.5m) and Satellite speaker (1m)

Inputs and Outputs
• Output(s) : Audio-in RCA jack and stereo-mini jack

In the Box you get a Remote Control, Operating Instructions, AC Cord, Limited Warranty Card and Connection Cable. The cables you get that connect the 2 speakers to the subwoofer are a little on the short side, so will be ideally placed alongside your monitor. The cables are also a lot easier to insert than in speakers I’ve dealt with before, so it’s simple for even the biggest technophobe.

The subwoofer is great to look at. The dial for changing the volume has infectious orange lights that swirl around in different directions which are impressive. There are also settings for bass and treble, but only to increase or reduce them. There’s no digital interface, but it doesn’t really need one. What is disappointing is that the package doesn’t come with batteries for your remote control, which is a big minus for me. All things like these should have them included.

In terms of audio quality, the speakers are superb even though they are only 2.1. I already have a 5.1 setup in the same room, but can say that these speakers quite easily match it when it comes to playing music, especially the stuff with a lot of bass. The design of the speakers is simplistic but does the job perfectly. I would have liked longer cables so you could stretch them the actual corners of the room as opposed to just sit alongside the monitor, but I’m sure you could probably get longer ones somewhere.

The Verdict

The Sony SRS-DB500 Speaker System is a very affordable speaker system for PC owners and does a damn good job both in style and substance. I actually don’t want to let them go as I’ve grown accustomed to them in my office and the swirling lights will be missed. If you have a small budget for your surround system, then this will more than suffice.

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