DSi Review: Faceez

Screwing around with your photos has never been easier…

Be it Photoshop or some other image software, there have been plenty of ways to mess around with our photos. Faceez is another such application for the DSi, but instead of just adding things to your pre-existing photos, it actually animates headshots of who you take pictures of. Add in a number of tools to dress up your face like a monocle (There are literally dozens of items to choose from) as well as the ability to change your face emotion to a whole range of options like anger, sadness and so on.

Faceez allows you to place these faces with simple-drawn bodies attached to photos found on your DSi and then you can save it, and then upload it to Facebook for your friends to see. It’s also surprisingly cheap at 200 Points. If there’s a complaint to be had, it’s that Faceez is more of a tool than a game and once you see all it has to offer, there’s little incentive to carry on making more silly photos. It’s a simple idea and works well for the price tag, it was actually quite freaky seeing a picture of my face starting to dance and frown, then eat some popcorn.

The interface is easy to get to grips with, even those without any past experience with image software. It’s accessible to almost anyone, as long as they want to screw around that is. It may wear thin after a while, but it will certainly get your Facebook friends talking when you upload your pics.

The Verdict

Faceez is a great app for the DSi. It’s about time that you had more options for the camera and the app makes great use of it. The level of customisation is surprisingly high for a 200 points download, while the ability to share your pics on Facebook adds more reason to get creating. It’s daft, but quite addictive to keep making weird photos. It might get old after a while though…