Nintendo Switch Review: Disc Jam

Air Hockey + Tennis = Addictive?

A fast-paced action-sports game that pits 2-4 players against each other in a unique combination of air hockey and tennis. Players scramble to retrieve and throw a glowing disc while unleashing devastating abilities and defending variable-point end zones. An exciting blend of strategy and skill, this arcade-inspired title boasts a zany roster of characters to compete with friends both on the couch and online.

Disc Jam is a game I didn’t expect to enjoy as I usually suck at sports games as much as I do in real life, but this is more arcade-inspired and is a nice mixture between strategy, skill and speed. The game can be played offline with friends or online with 2-4 players and it works surprisingly well online, finding a game was quick and the lag was minimal, if sometimes non-existent.

Players throw a glowing disc towards the opponents end zone, which makes it explode and the longer the rally, the more points are up for grabs…making for some incredibly tense moments where one mistake could land your opponent 50 points and take the set, as opposed to getting a lucky throw in to begin with and only claiming a handful of points. So, planning to keep the rally going longer is a tricky strategy, but one that pays dividends if you can pull off the killer blow when the score is high.

It would have been nice to have some more varied characters to choose from or more customisable options, but overall the game looks and handles superbly on Switch in both handheld and docked modes, running at a solid framerate and looking far better than I expected.

The Verdict

Disc Jam is an addictive sports game that makes you plan ahead with when to strike. You’ll need lightning quick reactions to really make your opponent suffer and overall, it’s one of the best sports games on the system.

Score: 8.5