Nintendo Switch: Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch

Does Dr Kawashima still have what it takes?

Get ready to challenge your brain in a variety of ways in Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch! Enjoy new exercises, some of them making use of the right Joy-Con’s IR Motion Camera, or tap and train with classic exercises from past Brain Training games that you can play using a stylus (included with the packaged version from retail stores) or your finger. It’s in your hands!

The original Brain Training game for the Nintendo DS set a high standard for games like it, with a collection of brain teasers like math problems, short term memory games and even sudoku. There have been other games over the years that have stuck to this formula, including other platforms…but now a Nintendo Switch version is available. The question is if it can add anything new?

The game comes with new exercises using the right Joy-Con’s IR Motion Camera which can work for activities like rock, paper, scissors and even comes with a stylus (for the retail version) to use on the Switch’s touchscreen. The problem is that if you own a Switch Lite, you’ll need to buy Joy-Cons separately to enjoy the IR content, which will obviously frustrate some Lite owners who didn’t know they’d need it.

The new activities are nice and make good use of the Switch’s unique features, something that isn’t used nearly enough in my opinion. However, the amount of content itself is lacking and for £25-30, you’ll be asking yourself if there’s anything else to do besides math problems, memory games, sudoku and rock, paper, scissors. There are a few competitive games that you can play 2 player, but these are limited to only a few and are basic overall.

The Verdict

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch is a nice addition to the Switch’s library, but it does lack the content for the price tag and those with Switch Lites’ will have to shell out for Joy-Cons just to play the IR content, making it a pricey investment. It is still however, good fun to try and get your Brain Age lower each day and that somehow never gets old, even if we do.

Score: 7.0