Article: The Best Racing Games to Have Graced the Consoles

Racing games are one of the most popular genres in gaming. It’s also arguably the most creative, because of the interpretations one can take to making a racing game. Whether its a more family fun, slapstick approach, or a more serious realistic simulation, racing is a unique genre that anyone can enjoy, if in the right setting, and it’s probably the most used , as you’ll tend to find that a lot of games add racing as a sub genre or a mini game within it, to add the competitive factor. So, which racing games have been the biggest? Which have left the biggest impact on the genre? We’re going to name a few of the best racing games to date.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

For a lot of people, Need for Speed was one of the greatest racing franchises to do it, and Most Wanted was probably the most beloved out of the series. Released in 2005, this game holds up even today, even taking into account the graphics from nearly 20 years ago. It’s high pace, high thrill cinematics and effects make the high speed chases and races even more gripping for its time, and thanks to the linearity of the story in climbing through the blacklist, the game had a really good sense of progression throughout – you always knew what your aim was, and you were rewarded by progressing through the story by constantly getting better access to new upgrades and cars. Not to mention, the sound effects were absolutely masterful for certain engines (lookin’ at you, Murcielago). It’s no wonder really, that the game is rumoured to be getting a remake in 2024.


Forza 5: Horizon

Forza is a series designated for the diehard petrol heads and grease monkeys of the world, due to its stunning graphics, incredibly realistic control and its gameplay provides what most people would want, if they had an insane supercar at their disposal: freedom. Paving the way for an open world racing game experience, the Forza 5 map is huge. A giant map at your disposal, coupled with the breathtaking visual effects of things as mundane as dust particles, rain and smoke clouds, Forza 5 is almost everything a racing fanatic could want. However, as with a lot of racing simulator games these days, Forza is very currency based, and requires a lot of ingame credits to appreciate its full potential. Luckily, there are a lot forza 5 mods providers to get you straight into the game to do what you love best; race the most stylish looking cars.

Burnout 3: Takedown

The Burnout series provided an interesting, and more chaotic twist to the atypical racing genre, and made it a cross between a street race, and a demolition derby. The game rewarded maximum violence and foul play in a genre that typically penalised the sort of gameplay, and Burnout was widely received because of it. Being able and allowed to literally destroy your opponents was a feature that everyone wanted, but never imagined they’d actually get, and it became slightly less about how slick your clutch control was, and more about how much air time you could force another car to achieve via brute force.