PS5 Review: Trinity Fusion

More than just another Metroidvania?

Explore dark, sci-fi worlds and engage in fast-paced and precise combat in Trinity Fusion – a Rogue-Lite action platformer set in a sprawling, doomed multiverse.

Trinity Fusion (Yes, not Metroid Fusion) is a Metroidvania type game set within a rogue-lite setting. While it’s not the first game to attempt a “fusion” (Sorry, couldn’t resist) of the two genres, it does look the part but do a certain bounty hunter or a certain vampire hunter have anything to worry about?

The gameplay handles like your typical Metroidvania. Combat is fast and precise so you need to keep your wits about you. Dodging is done by hitting circle, while your character can attack with a sword as a main attack and a gun as a side attack. The guns have limited ammo and can only be reloaded by using main attacks on enemies, so you can’t just run and gun your way out of everything.

Throughout your journey, you will come across loot boxes that give you new guns like rifles or shotguns and some that have elemental effects. You’ll lose your loot when you die, but you do get permanent perks as you would expect from a rogue-lite. The multiverse aspect of the game is well done and explained decently. The story itself isn’t too bad either and while it won’t win any awards for originality, it does provide a good enough incentive to save reality.

The visuals are impressive and the different worlds in the multiverse all look nicely detailed. The framerate is solid throughout, load times are short and the soundtrack is also pretty sweet. I also didn’t come across any bugs, so it’s a well-polished game overall.

The Verdict

While not the most original Metroidvania title, Trinity Fusion delivers what you would expect. It’s fast-paced combat is tough but rewarding, the story is decent and it looks the part to boot. It may not knock Samus or a Belmont off their perch, but it gets the job done.

Score: 8.0