3DS Review: Sega 3D Classics Collection

Sega classics come to 3DS…

Sega 3D Classics Collection does exactly what it says on the tin. It contains a number of classic Mega Drive/Genesis games that have been remastered for the 3DS, including 3D support and upgrades like Sonic’s spin dash has been brought into the original game, something that didn’t appear until Sonic 2.
The game contains Power Drift, Puyo Puyo 2, Fantasy Zone II W, Sonic the Hedgehog, Thunder Blade, Galaxy Force II, Altered Beast, Fantasy Zone II and Maze Walker. All in all, it’s a nice bunch of classic Mega Drive games and a nice collection if you haven’t picked up any of them individually on the eShop.
The 3D effect is optional as you would expect from a 3DS title, but it is a nice touch and well worth a go. It brings new life to the classics in a way I wasn’t quite expecting, sure it would have been nice to have other Mega Drive classics like the rest of the Sonic games, Streets of Rage or even Columns but maybe they’ll release another collection down the line that does just that.

The Verdict

Overall, the games remain classics and are made all the better on the 3DS. The 3D effect is pretty sweet and the small changes to the originals improve them even more. This is worth getting if you are a true Sega fan or someone who missed out on these before.

Score: 8.0