Xbox One Review: Gas Guzzlers Extreme

Start your engines?

Gas Guzzlers Extreme originally came out for the PC back in 2013. Fast-forward 3 years and the game has been ported to the Xbox One sans multiplayer…not exactly sure why they didn’t put in split-screen or online play, but let’s leave that till later.
The game handles like a classic arcade racer, as you drive around tracks trying to take out your opponents with weapons or just by beating them normally. The game has a huge amount of extras and upgrades to unlock, as well as other vehicles. The game itself handles well, but it is definitely rough around the edges and it shows, sadly.
I can see that Gas Guzzlers Extreme is trying to be a niche game in the racing market, and while it succeeds in doing so…it lacks the edge to compete with racing veterans like Forza and Need for Speed. I also just can’t get my head around the lack of multiplayer, I mean would you expect it from Mario Kart? Of course you wouldn’t and for a 3 year old PC game that originally had it, there’s literally no excuse I can think of.

Visually, it’s also not that much of a step up from it’s original PC version…which itself didn’t look superb. I honestly question why it’s on Xbox One if it’s lacking any major visual upgrade and has less features than the original.

The Verdict

Gas Guzzlers Extreme is a poor port of a pretty average racer. It lacks features that the 3 year old PC original had, while offering nothing new visually or in terms of gameplay that warrants a purchase.

Score: 5.0