PS4 Review: Killing Floor 2

4K zombies and plenty of gore, need I say more?

I never played the original Killing Floor, it being a PC-only title…but was surprised and pleased to hear it’s sequel was heading to PS4, not only that but it’d be a PS4 Pro supported title to boot. Great, sign me up! But what’s it all about?
If you also missed out on the original, think of it as Left 4 Dead multiplied by insanity and RPG elements, such as buying new weapons or upgrades between waves of zombies (or zeds as they are called in the game) but these enemies also use weapons of their own and are downright creepy, I was amazed by how detailed they were and how horrifying they look.
As with L4D, you will be joined with team-mates or you can have a go solo if you’re insane enough. It’s tough as nails at times as you try and overcome the odds that are stacked against you, the numbers of enemies can be overwhelming at times too. There are 12 maps to get your teeth stuck into and tons of weapons to wield. It’s great fun and is a nice showcase of 4K gore.

The only thing that lets it down is a lack of modes and perhaps it doesn’t quite have the longevity of other shooters, but other than that it’s a damn addictive and gory team tactical shooter. It handles well too, which is always a plus.

The Verdict

Killing Floor 2 is great fun, only held back by a lack of modes but still contains plenty to do and it looks superb in 4K. Definitely one for L4D fans..

Score: 8.0