3DS Review: Pokedex 3D Pro

A much needed improvement over the original Pokedex…

I’ve been a bit out of the loop over the past few years when it comes to Pokemon, I really had no idea that the number of those little pocket monsters had risen so much from the original 151 to well over 600. As with the free Pokedex, the Pro version renders all of the Pokemon in 3D and a tap of the A button will make the Pokemon make their battle cry in classic Game Boy style.

Besides a full database of the Pokemon and their strengths/weaknesses, there are other options like being able to scan QR codes and place Pokemon in AR, there is also a quiz that will show a shadow outline of the Pokemon and give you multiple choices in guessing what creature it is, which was damn difficult for me since I’ve not seen any of the latest Pokemon and my memory over the original lineup is a little hazy, but still its very worthy of any Pokemon fan, as I’m sure they would have liked their own Pokedex for many a year.

If there’s any complaint to be made, it’s the price point. The original Pokedex was free and while the Pro version is a great improvement, £13.49/$14.99 is a little on the high side. The interface is easy enough to use, finding a specific Pokemon is very user-friendly and the whole package is really impressive, it’s just a shame that the price is a bit steeper than you would expect for such a product.