Xbox Series X/S Review: I Am Your President

Can you become the ultimate covfefe?

Play as another US president! Decide on the fate of millions of people in your country and around the world.

2024’s elections could be the craziest since 2016 both here in the UK where I hail from, and across the pond in America. But this game puts you not as Trump or Biden but yourself in the role of POTUS. You can decide which party you align to and pick decisions that will impact both the US and the world and as you can imagine with a game like this in this age there are plenty of references to Trump’s politics including “Building the Wall” to name just one.

Sadly it can’t decide if it’s meant to be a tongue-in-cheek game or a realistic political simulator. The game originally came out on PC last year and while it’s nice to see the game come to consoles, it hasn’t been optimised well for it with your left thumbstick moving a cursor around to select your options, plus there’s no option to increase the text size, so you may find yourself squinting unless you have exceptional eyesight or a really powerful pair of glasses.

Ultimately, it’s a shame since the game actually has a lot of potential. I guess the overall focus of the game got lost in translation as it’s hard to know if they were going for satire or realistic political commentary, but I guess you can decide to play it either way in your own mind.

The visuals are simplistic as visitors to the Oval Office are literal cardboard cutouts that shift in and out in a hilarious way. Backgrounds are static but get the job done overall. I didn’t find any glitches throughout, I just wish it was more optimised for consoles.

The Verdict

I Am Your President is a game with some great ideas, but loses its identity quickly. It doesn’t know if wants to be comical or serious, add that with poor console optimisation and you may want this President to be impeached. But if you can overlook it, then there’s an amusing time to be found here.

Score: 6.0