PS5/PS4 Review: Rainbow Cotton

Is this Dreamcast remake worth your time?

The reimagining of epic proportions through the power of remakes. Rainbow Cotton is the epitome of this process, breathing new life into the original 2000 Dreamcast release of Rainbow Cotton with stunning visuals, innovative gameplay mechanics, an added local two-player mode, and even more magic. It’s a journey into the retro past, but reinvented for the present. This new release of Rainbow Cotton comes packed with many new witchy twists and upgrades. Delivering an even more immersive and visually stunning experience, taking you on an arcade-inspired journey through a whimsical world.

I never played the original Rainbow Cotton, mostly because I never owned a Dreamcast as a kid (shocking I know!) but it also never got a worldwide release, so not many would have actually played it. but I have played many games like it over the years. It’s an old-fashioned arcade on-rails shooter where you are a witch on a broomstick, shooting monsters with spells across a number of stages.

This remake comes with a newly added 2 player mode to make things a bit easier, as this game can be notoriously brutal on harder difficulties. There are a mixture of different enemies, mini-bosses and bosses to be found throughout each stage to defeat. You will collect stronger attacks in the form of gems that can be saved up to 4 times and unleashed on enemies, but it’s best saving them for the mini-boss/boss.

The story is told through anime cutscenes and is what you would expect from the genre. The visuals are cutesy and charming, while giving you the option to make the game look like it’s original Dreamcast version with filters. It runs at a solid framerate and I didn’t encounter any glitches during my playthrough. The game comes as a PS5 and PS4 combo, so double platinum if you can manage it…

The Verdict

Rainbow Cotton is a decent throwback to the on-rails arcade shooter. It may be dated in terms of gameplay, but there’s a nice sense of nostalgia to be found here…even if the original itself never released worldwide.

Score: 7.5

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