Xbox One Review: Titanfall

Clash of the FPS Titans?

Titanfall has the enormous task of standing up to the big boys of the FPS arena, Battlefield and Call of Duty. But with new hardware at the helm and some of the COD team involved, can Titanfall deliver a knockout blow to its competitors?
It’s a tall order, but one that Titanfall is more than capable of. I can’t claim to ever be good at multiplayer FPS’, but Titanfall was one that I fell into and after playing it for a while, I’m still completely addicted to it. The level of detail is undeniable, the modes are well varied and the balance between man and Titan is almost perfect. The game does have a campaign, but it’s entirely online and takes place on the game’s maps with scripted events and lot details given via PiP (picture-in-picture) during combat, which makes it rather difficult to focus on when you are under fire which is a shame since it’s a good story and the PiP vanishes with the killcam, sadly.

6v6 doesn’t seem that much compared to the likes of Battlefield, but it’d become an overcrowded warzone with more. There’s a neat balance here with its modes including Last Titan Standing where everyone is in Titans and has one life, CTF, Attrition is standard Team Deathmatch but bot kills count and the more kills you get, the quicker you can deploy your Titan. Pilot Hunter is like Attrition but only counts player kills while Hardcore Domination is the capture/defend mode of the game. Titanfall comes with 15 maps and plenty of customisation options for your player, overall it’s a neat package and I’m sure there’s much more to come in the future.
The amount of weapons isn’t as large as its competitors, but Titanfall’s arsenal is more than worthy of dispatching your enemies. The maps themselves are well varied between tight quarters to open spaces perfect for battles and all are incredibly detailed, the game is stunning to see in motion and screenshots can’t really do it justice. Voice-acting isn’t too bad either, while the music is nice too.

The Verdict

Titanfall takes a brave step against the other shooters out there and makes its own mark. It’s competitive multiplayer is second to none and I can’t see it running out of steam any time soon, Respawn have done wonders with their first project…who knows what their capable of with their second….

Overall Score – 9/10