PS3 Review: The Walking Dead Season Two: Episode Two – A House Divided

Clem’s ordeal continues in Episode Two…

Episode One of Season Two left us on a typical cliffhanger, Clementine was forced to choose between saving one of her new group members and leave the other to fend for themselves, not that it really matters much since one already got bit at the end of the episode. I chose to save the bitten member and hide out in an abandoned truck but made a run for it before he turned. Upon returning to the house, the rest of the group decide to set out to find the rest of the search party and while their gone, you are visited by an “old friend” of the group, Carver.
The group has been on the run from Carver for reasons unknown at this point, but it’s clear that he’s out for revenge and other reasons. When the group returns, they decide to leave the house and travel for five days till they cross a bridge and tragedy ensues, but they eventually reach a cabin and Clem is finally reunited with an old friend, Kenny. Yes, Kenny from Season One. How he survived the zombie ambush at the end of S1 is anyone’s guess, but it’s good to see him back…even though it’s clear he’s suffered emotional damage from the losses he’s suffered, but he’s got a new woman in his life who knows little about him.

The two groups get off on the wrong foot, that’s for sure and an error of judgement sets to divide them even further…that is until walkers descend on the cabin. You can imagine who catches up with them after that, which has tragic results depending on your choices. I suffered some big losses in this episode, but am sure that you can avoid that if you are careful. I’m curious to see what Carver wants with the group and if they can be trusted or not, but personally I don’t think they can be.
In terms of presentation, Episode Two is a lot more stable than past episodes. The framerate is improved a lot and the lag between making decisions and the following cutscenes has been reduced, it’s still not perfect but it’s better overall. Voice-acting is brilliant and it’s great to see Kenny back, even in his damaged state.

The Verdict

A House Divided is a great follow up to the previous episode and sets up the next one perfectly; the only problem is the agonising wait between episodes, which is always difficult. Other than that, it’s the best episode thus far.