Xbox One Review: Silence

Not as quiet as you’d think…

Silence is the sequel to The Whispering World, but you don’t need to have played it to understand what the game is about, since it’s explained in the beginning. It’s a story about a boy called Noah who is looking for his sister during the turmoil of war and stumbles across a world called Silence where he once travelled as Sadwick the clown. It’s a pretty clever story and one that reminds me of a lot of fantasy stories.
The game works like a standard point-and-click adventure and will take you around 6 hours or so to finish, so it’s not the longest game out there and the puzzles are simplistic in design, but the game itself is well animated and I love the art design. It may not be the most memorable point and click game out there, but it does enough to make an impact.
The voice-cast is also pretty impressive, bringing the world and characters to life alongside it’s soundtrack. The game has so much charm to it that makes me wish that it was just a bit longer and even a bit more of a challenge, but it’s still impressive despite it’s lack of difficulty and lifespan.

The Verdict

Silence is an impressive, albeit brief point-and-click adventure. It’s no doubt memorable with it’s story and setting, but it lacks any real challenge and it has no replay value beyond completion. Despite that, it’s well worth a look just for the story.

Score: 7.0