PS4 Review: Deponia

Can the PS4 port compete with the PC version?

Deponia is a PS4 port of a PC point-and-click game from 2012. I never played the original but have heard good things about it, it’s essentially a story about a guy called Rufus and his love story with a mysterious girl called Goal. Yes, her name really is Goal…
What’s odd about this port is not that it’s release 4 years after the PC version, it’s that this is the first chapter in a trilogy which are all available now on PC, so why just release the first chapter on it’s own? What about the 2 other games? Also, this PS4 version is priced higher as the entire trilogy itself…which is crazy if you ask me.

In terms of a point-and-click adventure, Deponia itself is impressive and it works well for the console. The story itself is crazy, but funny too and has some great dialogue. The puzzles are nicely balanced and while it hardly redefines the genre, it does more than enough to impress and be a memorable outing.
The art style is superb too, taking inspiration from such legends like Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams and of course, Matt Groening. It’s like a superbly drawn cartoon that’s come to life, so I can’t fault them for anything in terms of presentation.

The Verdict

Despite the high price point and the fact you can pick up the whole trilogy for less on PC, the PS4 port of Deponia is really well done. If you’ve missed out on the game so far or just don’t have a very good PC, then this is well worth a look.

Score: 7.0