Xbox One Review: QUBE Director’s Cut

More than just a Portal lookalike?

I missed out on the original QUBE as it only came out on PC and Mac, fast-forward from 2012 to 2015 and we finally have console versions with extra content including story elements, as well as 10 new levels for speedrun trials and a new musical score. But since I missed out on the original, it’s all new to me.


So what is QUBE anyway? One would be forgiven for mistaking it for a Portal title, it has the same sterile look to it and in some ways, is very similar gameplay wise. However, upon closer inspection there’s more to it than that. Your character has the ability in their hand to move coloured blocks in order to solve puzzles. These can range from simply placing them for you to reach a ledge to get to the next area to manoeuvring balls into colour barriers and then to the individual colour holes to allow access.


Things start out simple enough, but as with Portal it does get a little crazy here and there. The story is only told through voice-acting, but does enough to create a level of urgency as you are unaware if your character has amnesia or not and with the world’s fate in balance, it’s all the more important to know if she knows what she’s doing.

The puzzles themselves are pretty fun, although some can be tedious like the magnetism ones. It has a level of replay value thanks to the speedrun challenges and some extra puzzles that are hidden away. But once you’re done with them, I can’t really see anyone coming back for them as the achievements are fairly standard and you can replay certain sections once done, it’s a shame it doesn’t quite have the lifespan I would hope for, but other than that it’s still a well made game.

The Verdict

QUBE Director’s Cut may look like Portal on the surface, but it does try and do it’s own thing with some good and some mixed results. Overall though, it’s highly enjoyable and well worth a look.

Score: 7.5